Landmark was created as a digital guide to help anyone, regardless of experience, explore the world through hiking and camping. It combines many different aspects of digital camping guides including downloadable maps, survival tips, and individual park information while providing recommendations based on the experience level of each user.

Photography by Mika Matin & Luke Ellis-Craven


There is a huge learning curve to camping and hiking, that many people don't know where to start. They often rely on knowledge from more experienced friends and family, but what if there was a digital guide that provided that guidance? Through organizing safety information, trails and providing recommendations for trips, Landmark provides a one-stop resource for anyone who wants to get started or expand their horizons.


Many camping related apps are content-heavy and made for experienced explorers. I provided a clear and concise way to organize this information in a digital space and branded it as something encouraging and provides confidence in its users.

I conducted research into the current camping apps, the ideal user, usability mapping and all of the ways to make Landmark a useful download. This allowed me to create a usable app prototype that uses technology to connect people to nature.

After the interviews and research I focused on the brand of Landmark. The goal of the brand was to create something that made new campers feel empowered and excited about camping.

The name and identity for landmark is based on the guide you look to, similar to a mountain or large piece of rock.

The brand is derived from nature, camping, and those big landmarks you see on any trip. The thing that makes you stop and stare.

The brand revolves around the system of Landmarks which are represented in personal levels, destination iconography, and imagery for the brand.

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Forgotten Boardwalk is an artfully devious microbrewery and teller of tales located in Cherry Hill, NJ.