Mental health can make a positive difference in every part of life—when our mind is at ease, we’re free to live in the moment. But, without the right tools, a healthy state of mind can feel far out of reach.

Mindbloom is leading the next generation of mental health care with ketamine therapy. Centered in science, Mindbloom’s program not only treats the symptoms of pain, but stops it at the source. We partnered with Mindbloom to create a brand identity, digital experience, and launch campaign that position psychedelic therapy as an effective alternative to traditional treatments.

The brand identity is centered around a symbol and wordmark that capture the rising sun in a nod to the positive outcomes and sense of hope related to Mindbloom’s offering. The same metaphor extends to a warm color palette, which uses yellows and oranges to portray radiating light. Supported by rich photography and hand-drawn illustrations, the visual system is a credible and human-centric reflection of Mindbloom’s bold ambition.

The digital experience dimensionalizes ketamine therapy by showcasing the science and stories behind it. Framed by powerful testimonials from real clients, the new website translates complex information into clear ideas that build trust and inspire hope.

Made at Landscape
CD: Jessica Katona
Illustration: Tallulah Fontaine
Photography: Ben Bloom