Lillian St. Bread

Lillian St. Bread is a bakery born from the heart and hard work of Tara Tidwell. When she approached us, she expressed her ambitious yet perfectly simple desire to bake bread for her neighborhood, East Nashville.

The practice of baking, much like a community, is unique—each bread is different, full of surprises, and can even be dependent on the weather. The “S” and “B” in the logo have been vertically flipped in the otherwise modest typesetting to reflect this unique quality. The primary typeface, Brunswick Grotesque, is utilitarian, yet idiosyncratic, and features five distinct widths combined randomly to mimic old hand-painted signage. The warm creams, yellows and blues of the palette keep the overall look and feel familiar, informal and approachable.

Made at Perky Bros

CD: Jeff Perky
Design & Illustration: Dana Kingery
Project Management: Alden Dienethal
Photography: Nicola Harger & Brett Warren